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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

Canada (Tourist)

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Visitor visas allow people to stay in Canada temporarily. Visitor visas also allow people to connect with family who have immigrated to Canada.


Find out if you need a visa to visit Canada:

  • Citizens of the Philippines require a visa to enter Canada.


  • Filipino Diplomats: holders of diplomatic, service, or official passports are not visa exempted. However, they are exempt from paying the processing fees. If you hold one of these passports and are going to Canada, you can submit your application directly to the Embassy with a note verbale from the Department of Foreign Affairs (for Philippines passport holders).


  • Returning live-in caregivers and other temporary foreign workers with valid Work Permits, and students with valid Student Permits require a visa to re-enter Canada.


  • United States of America permanent residents [Green Card holders] who are in possession of their status document or who can provide other evidence of permanent residence in the USA do not require a visa to visit Canada. However, if you have been outside of the United States for a considerable period, you must first confirm your permanent resident status before entering Canada.


  • A foreign national who is not visa exempt transiting Canada for 48 hours or less en route to another country requires a transit visa. An exception to this requirement is that nationals of Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand transiting Canada at Vancouver International Airport to the United States do not require a Canadian transit visa if:

    1. They have in their possession a valid and subsisting U.S. visa to enter the U.S. And

    2. Are traveling on any of the following airlines-Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines or Philippines Airlines.


The following are the types of visitors visa in Canada:

  • Single-entry visa allows one entry only to Canada within the validity of the visa.


  • Multiple-entry visa allows unlimited entries to Canada within the validity of the visa.


  • Transit visa allows for a short stop-over (maximum 48 hours) entry to Canada en route to another country. It can be granted for a single or multiple entries, depending on the applicant’s travel requirements. Example: If your return travel is also through Canada, you should request a transit visa valid for two entries.


The validity of a visa is determined by a visa officer. Single-entry visas are normally valid for six months, and multiple-entry visas may be valid for longer periods. The validity date is the period by which you may enter Canada. The decision to admit the foreign national, however, is made by the officer at the port of entry to Canada (airport or border crossing). The officer also determines the length of stay allowed.


Processing Time: 1-3 weeks after the application has been received at the Embassy.


Visa Fee: Single-entry - CAD $ 100.00 or Php 3,450.000


Multiple-entry - CAD $ 100.00 or Php 3,450.00


Note: What ever is the exchange rate or subject to change.