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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

Australia (Tourist)

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This visa allows people to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and friends. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes including study for less than three months.

This visa is designed only to allow temporary travel to Australia for tourism purposes or to visit family and friends. It cannot be used for long-term stays or residence. To be eligible for a further Tourist visa in the future, you must maintain extended periods of time outside of Australia.

If granted, this visa will allow you either a single or multiple entry to Australia for a stay period of up to three, six or 12 months. The period of stay and number of entries granted will depend on the purpose of the visit and your personal circumstances.

Family members, under 18 years of age, who are travelling to Australia and are included on your passport, can be included in your application. Other family members who have separate passports must lodge separate applications.

If you are granted this visa, you can study for up to three months. If you want to study longer than three months you should apply for a student visa.


If you are in Australia and want to extend your stay for tourism purposes, you must apply for a new visa at least two weeks before your current visa expires.

A Tourist visa may be granted if you:

  • have complied with the conditions of your previous visa

  • meet all the eligibility criteria for this visa

  • do not have a 'No further stay' condition on your visa.


Processing Time: 1 – 3 weeks after the application has been received at the Embassy

Visa Fee: AUD $ 130.00 or Php 5,400.00

Note: Whatever is the exchange rate or subject to change.