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360º Gluing Technology to Boost Productivity

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In the application of glues, some industries still use the manual processes. There are personnel who are responsible to handle the process and it is no longer effective nowadays. In order to improve productivity and quality, it is necessary for the industry to use gluing process technology that can make the process more effective and efficient. By using proper technology, it is possible to cut off the cost and improve the production process. In this case, Robatech provides the necessary technologies for gluing process and gluing solution. It introduces 360 º Gluing that can provide more effective and efficient process by the help of the excellent technologies.

Great Use of Collaborative Robots

One of the important elements of 360º Gluing is existence of Collaborative Robots or Cobots. The robot can be programed to move in high precision in the process of gluing. The application of glue can be more precise with the help of robot. In this case, the Cobots can make various kinds of movement depending on the programs. The precision is great because it is already managed by software. What the operator needs to do is to set up the program and later it will give orders for the operation of Cobots. It can apply the glue and adhesive in high precision. Of course, the Cobots can work faster than the manual works. As for the quality, there will not be big problem because each application of glue and adhesive can be controlled and monitored easily.

Integration Kits for Gluing Process

The Cobots become part of the integration kit of 360º Gluing. It is the gluing solution introduced by Robatech. The integration kit involves modular parts that will be easy to install. Setup and integration of modules of its gluing technology is easy to handle. Even, it can be integrated and combined with other gluing technology from Robatech because of its modular concepts. Once the modular parts are ready to use, operators only need to set the program of Cobots.  In fact, it can be combined with the automatic filling system in case the industry uses hot melt adhesive. By doing so, productivity can be improved to the next level.