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What to keep in mind when moving to a new home

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We know you can’t wait to move into the new house, but for everything to go smoothly and stay calm throughout this complex process, you need something more than pure enthusiasm: you need a list of the bare necessities and a moving plan, a kit with essential utensils, boxes and bags and, of course, time and patience to be able to organize properly. According to the customer experience, if you book one day for packing and one for moving, you will inevitably forget to check some important steps.

First of all, if you want to move into a new house, it is very important not to go into debt. Carefully analyze your budget and calculate any costs that may arise. Here is a list of features you should consider when deciding to move into your new home.

How to organize yourself before moving

The organization of the move would be good to start two or even weeks before the big event. This way you will have enough time to plan the steps and sort things out.

How will you transport the furniture

The first thing you need to do before moving is to decide if you will use a company to help you transport and possibly handle the furniture or even disassemble/assemble it or if you will rent a truck.

Shopping list for moving to a new home

Another thing you need to do before the actual move is to buy boxes of various sizes, from simple ones to cardboard. If you do not have enough clothes covers, you can use large enough garbage bags.

How to sort things out of the house before moving

When you start sorting things out in your old home, be prepared to part with many of them. This is the moment of the decisions you have avoided so far: do you still keep the chipped plates, the clothes you no longer wear, the high school notebooks, and the blankets you got bored of? Only if you are willing to pay for their transport and you are sure you have a place to put them in the new apartment.

Useful tips for moving to a new home

  • Also, a very good idea is to take to the new home, the night before, an electric kettle, some coffee or tea, sugar, a few cups, and teaspoons, for you and the people who will help you.
  • Sketch with the location of the furniture in each room, so that you know where each piece should be placed and approximately in what configuration.
  • For starters, pack the things you can live without the two weeks (at least) before the actual move
  • Pack in towels or sealed bags towels, cosmetics and cleaning products that you do not use until the day of the move.
  • Pack shoes and clothes in boxes or storage bags.
  • Wrap ceramic or glass decorations on paper before putting them in boxes.

Besides all the above things, when you move into a new house you need a few more indispensable things:

  • luggage with clothes and accessories
  • a tool kit
  • a cleaning kit
  • a first aid kit